Streaming NFL Games Online: Top 7 Options in 2023

The era of crowding around a television set to witness the captivating touchdowns, heart-stopping interceptions, and awe-inspiring exhibitions of athleticism that epitomize the NFL has faded. Instead, we now find ourselves in a period where the convergence of high-speed internet, intelligent devices, and inventive streaming platforms has ushered in a novel phase of sports engagement.

While the NFL continues to seize the attention of millions with its heart-pounding drama, fans are now equipped with an unparalleled capability to customize their viewing experience to align with their preferences, routines, and lifestyles.

7 Best Places to Stream NFL Games

NFLStreams (Free Streaming) 

Besides the standard paid streaming options, fans should turn to alternative sources like NFLStreams for streaming NFL games. It’s the go-to platform for NFL fans who want to catch all the electrifying moments of America's most beloved sport. With our user-friendly interface and top-notch streaming quality, you won't miss a single touchdown, epic tackle, or game-changing play.

Stay Connected with Live NFL Action: We understand the thrill of witnessing your favorite teams battle it out on the gridiron, and we're here to ensure you're part of the excitement, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to cable subscriptions and limited coverage. With NFLStreams, you're in control of your NFL viewing experience.

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NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is one of the most comprehensive choices for streaming NFL games. Those subscribed gain access to live and on-demand games alongside exclusive content and features, resulting in a holistic NFL encounter. Amidst the assortment of streaming alternatives, the NFL Game Pass emerges as a true reservoir of riches, attracting passionate enthusiasts aiming for a thorough and immersive NFL involvement. By holding an NFL Game Pass subscription, you're not simply an observer; you're awarded an all-inclusive ticket to the core of the action, whether it's unfolding instantaneously or upon request.

Picture the ability to delve into an extensive repository of archived games, enabling you to revisit iconic instances and momentous plays from seasons gone by. This choice extends beyond the trajectory of a single team; it presents an opportunity to traverse the complete NFL chronicle, observing the progression of strategies, the ascent of emerging stars, and the timeless contests that have molded the league.


ESPN+ provides an assortment of sporting occasions, encompassing specific NFL games. This service facilitates live streaming of several matchups, accompanied by evaluations and creative content, supplying various sports material and NFL coverage. 

Amidst the domain of streaming alternatives, ESPN+ distinguishes itself as a vibrant platform that fuses the exhilaration of sports with the ingenuity of digital technology. While renowned for its extensive sports coverage, ESPN+ also extends an avenue to a distinctive amalgamation of live games, analysis, and innovative content tailored to NFL enthusiasts.

By subscribing to ESPN+, you unlock entry to a comprehensive array of sporting events, rendering it an attractive selection for those who delight in a diverse range of athletic displays. Yet, what about NFL matches? In this realm, ESPN+ remains steadfast. This platform is a portal to a collection of NFL encounters, allowing you to relish the intensity of gridiron showdowns right from the comfort of your screen.

CBS All Access

Formerly known as CBS All Access, Paramount+ presents a reliable option for streaming NFL games, particularly regarding AFC matchups. The platform provides real-time streaming of games broadcasted on CBS and an assortment of on-demand content. In the domain of digital streaming, CBS All Access stands out as a guiding light for NFL enthusiasts in search of an enriched and comprehensive viewing encounter. Drawing from its history rooted in top-tier broadcasting, CBS extends its legacy into the digital realm, allowing fans to indulge in the exhilaration of NFL games through its streaming service.

At the heart of CBS, All Access lies the commitment to live streaming a diverse array of content, including NFL games. For those passionate about AFC matchups, this platform transforms into a virtual front-row seat to the gripping drama on the field. The capability to access live games marks a pivotal shift, ensuring that not a single touchdown, interception, or game-altering moment escapes your attention.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is the preferred choice for enthusiasts seeking the electrifying experience of Sunday Night Football. This service delivers live streaming of Sunday night games, accompanied by pre-game and post-game coverage and insightful analysis. In the domain of streaming NFL games, NBC Sports takes center stage, offering avid followers an exclusive pass to the unparalleled excitement of Sunday Night Football. With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional sports content, NBC Sports provides a platform that captures the essence of gridiron clashes in an immersive and dynamic manner.

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The heart of NBC Sports' allure lies in its unwavering commitment to live stream Sunday Night Football games. Serving as the premier primetime matchup of the week, Sunday Night Football is a spectacle that converges the finest teams, the most brilliant stars, and the pulse-pounding action. Through NBC Sports, you're cordially invited to witness every touchdown, every game-altering play, and every instance that molds the matchup's outcome.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports allows fans to stream NFC matchups, including Thursday Night Football. This service keeps viewers engaged throughout the NFL season with live games and accompanying commentary.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime members can access Thursday Night Football games on Prime Video. This streaming service provides a simple and convenient way to watch games without additional subscriptions.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers subscribers access to various sports channels, making it suitable for NFL game streaming. The cloud DVR feature enables recording games for later viewing if unable to watch live.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I watch NFL games for free on

A1: While might offer free streaming, exercise caution. Unofficial streaming sites can expose devices to malware, pop-ups, and poor-quality streams. Legitimate streaming services often offer free trials and affordable subscription options.

Q2: Do I need a cable subscription to stream NFL games?

A2: No, a cable subscription isn't required. Many streaming services mentioned here offer standalone options for streaming NFL games without cable connections.

Q3: Can I stream NFL games outside the United States?

A3: Yes, depending on the service. Some streaming options might have regional restrictions due to broadcasting rights. NFL Game Pass, for instance, offers international subscriptions for fans outside the United States.

Q4: Are there any additional costs besides subscription fees?

A4: While most streaming services have transparent pricing, read the terms carefully. Some platforms might offer in-app purchases or additional features at extra costs.


Watching NFL games online has become increasingly convenient, with many choices tailored to diverse preferences and necessities. From the extensive content offered by NFL Game Pass to the user-friendly accessibility of Amazon Prime Video, enthusiasts can select services that harmonize with their specific demands. 

While unconventional outlets such as NFLStreams might hold allure, the prudent choice lies in embracing authorized streaming services, guaranteeing security, dependability, and superior viewing quality. Remain current with the NFL season by opting for the streaming alternative that aligns most harmoniously with your preferences, and relish the heart-pounding excitement of the game.